Give your home the clean windows it deserves.

The Window Cleaner in Boise, ID has become a trusted residential window cleaning company over the years because of our top quality and reliable service.  We take pride in the joy clean windows brings to our customers.  Each window is carefully washed by hand.  This method is the best way to pay attention to the details and needs of every window.  Our services include:

• Professional Window Cleaning – This always includes free screen cleaning!

• Screen Repair

• Gutter Cleaning

• Window Track Cleaning

• Mirror/Chandelier/Porch light Cleaning

• Christmas Light Hanging and Removal

We would be happy to clean your windows once a year or once a month.  You are the boss.  You know how often you like to have your windows cleaned.  We offer discounts if you are interested in joining a regularly scheduled maintenance program.  Feel free to ask for details.  We’re fully insured and extremely careful and conscientious while at your home.  When you hire us as your professional window cleaner you can expect:

• Friendly, Reliable Service
• Convenient and Flexible Scheduling
• Well Groomed and Uniformed Workers
• The experience, equipment and know-how to make your windows look second to none!


Make sure your business windows gleam.

The cleanliness of your business speaks volumes about the professionalism of your Boise company.  Don’t allow dirty windows to give the impression to potential customers that inside must be as filthy as the outside.  Our extensive experience in commercial window cleaning allows us to enhance the image of your property and increase your business. 

Our company is a recognized leader in the industry providing professional window cleaning services to commercial properties in Boise, ID and surrounding areas. We strive to build relationships with building owners and property managers by providing a convenient and high quality service with a competitive price.  We are happy to work within your budget to develop a cleaning schedule that works for everyone.

New Construction

Licensed and Insured for W.C. and commercial liability

A windows most crucial cleaning is its first.  Drywall mud and dust, stucco drippings, water spots, caulk, paint, insect remains, dirt, grease, and stickers along with many other types of debris that have been baked on by the sun are all often found on windows before ever getting cleaned for the first time.  Unfortunately one of the last things many individual contractors are concerned with is cleanliness. 

BUILDERS – Don’t allow anyone who is not a licensed and insured professional to clean your new windows!  Certain windows scratch easily, especially with all of the new construction junk on them.  We have cleaned hundreds of new homes and know how to go about safely cleaning the glass without damaging it or its surroundings.  Give us a call.  We would be happy to give you a bid quickly on any specific job site, or we can work together on multiple projects on a discounted per window basis.